The Refinishing Process

There are two surface preparation procedures used by refinishing companies today. This covers porcelain, tile, fiberglass, Formica, cultured marble and other like surfaces.

The first process is a two stage primer application. This process has been used for many years. After etching, the surface is cleaned and wet sanded to remove all residue and dried. Next, a special two stage primer is applied to the surface before refinishing

The second process is a non-etch single stage bonding agent. This process is widely used by most refinishing companies. The surface is cleaned and prepared, then the bonding agent is applied to the surface before refinishing.

Both processes are effective, depending on the age, color and surface profile of the fixture determines which primer is used..

The refinishing process in briefly described below

  • The first step is to remove the old caulking & repair chips and cracks, .
  • Next a two step cleaning process is done to completely clean the surface .
  • Next, we mask off the area to be resurfaced with masking paper and plastic for delicate or normal surfaces and drop cloths to protect the flooring. Once masking is complete, I set up the ventilation and spraying equipment.
  • The bonding agent or primer is applied, a final check of the surface to be refinished is made, the topcoat is mixed and sprayed, the spray application is done in stages to ensure proper layout and gloss.

As of 2018, I have 20 years of professional refinishing experience on the job. Choose wisely, choose the experience, the attention to the details, and the commitment to quality, it matters.

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