Professional Refinishing will extend the life of your existing bath and kitchen fixtures for many years. Save up to 70% compared to replacing the tub, shower, counters or sinks.

Here’s why repairing-refinishing-restoring is a cost effective option

  • Restore that old tub, shower, sink, tile surfaces, or counter-top with a fresh new look.
  • Savings up to 70% compared to replacement costs.
  • Refreshed and updated the refinishing and restoration process will bring new life to your bathtub, counters, shower, sinks, tile floors or walls.
  • All refinishing work comes with a 36 month warranty.
  • Refinishing is a environmentally responsible way update your kitchens and bathrooms without filling up the landfills with old tubs, sinks, tile, or counters. Recycle and Reuse.